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Court Bookings Made Easy with Pivot

Pivot is the perfect app for court owners who want to simplify their court booking process and improve their court utilization. 
  • Pivot is an app that lets sports enthusiasts book sports courts quickly and easily
  • Book Padel, Pickleball, and Squashball courts, wherever and whenever you like
  • Enjoy seamless court bookings and process payments through the app
  • Access training programs and instructional videos to improve your skills
  • Connect with other players and build a community around your favourite sports
  • Court owners can use Pivot to manage their bookings seamlessly and increase revenue
  • Benefit from data and analytics to understand utilization of courts and drive up revenue
  • A new loyalty program pays back court booking commissions based on the utilization of the courts
  • Chat with players, invite them to play, and attract more players to your clubs through the app